Lyme disease for teens

                                     Lyme disease information

   Welcome to Lyme disease forum for teens. Lyme disease is a tick borne illness. The actual bacterium is called a spirochete. This disease was first apparent in 1975 in Lyme Connecticut and most everyone that became sick near Lyme was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Then researchers eventually came to the conclusion that it was "Lyme disease" in 1982. Over half the ticks are infected with Lyme. You can either be bitten or it could be passed on through birth. Otherwise it is NOT contagious. You can go to the forum and post to find out information about lyme's disease.


Explanation: Protozoa that invade, infect, and kill the red blood cells
Symptoms: Fatigue, night sweats, fever, chills, weakness, weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cough, shortness of breath, headache, neck and back stiffness, dark urine or blood in urine 
Explanation: Bartonella spp. bacterium
Symptoms: Fever, chills, headache and severe pain in the tibia, weight loss, sore throat, papular or angiomatous rash, sore soles in am, tender or swollen lymph glads, GI problems, painful nodules under skin, anxiety 
Ehrlichiosis (HGE and HME)
Explanation: Rickettsiae that infect the white blood cells
Symptoms: Anemia, fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, rigors, gastrointestinal symptoms, anorexia, fatigue
Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Explanation: Rickettsia rickettsii parasite that invades the cells lining the heart and blood vessels
Symptoms: High fever, severe headache (especially behind the eyes), maculopapular skin rash
Colorado Tick Fever
Explanation: Reovirus that lodges inside the cells
Symptoms: High fever, chills, severe muscle aches, back pain, headache (especially behind the eyes), light sensitivities, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
Relapsing Fever
Explanation: Borrelia hermsii spirochete
Symptoms: High fever, sudden chills, eye inflammation, coughing, jaundice, petechial rash
Explanation: Francisella tularensis bacterium
Symptoms: Painful and swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, fatigue
Powassan encephalitis
Explanation: Flavivirus that invades and infects the brain
Symptoms: Fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, light sensitivity, muscle weakness, seizures, paralysis, brain inflammation
Tick Paralysis
Explanation: A toxic reaction to saliva from female ticks
Symptoms: Paralysis begins in legs and spreads throughout the body within hours
Explanation: A genus of small bacteria which lack cell walls. M. fermentans, M. pneumoniae, M. penetrans, M. hominis and M. genetalium
Symptoms: Fatigue, headaches, muscle pain and soreness, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain and soreness, lymph node pain, cognitive problems, depression, breathing problems and other signs and symptoms

Up to 60% of people that are diagnosed with lyme have atleast one coinfection